NOTICE re:  Certified Financial Coach™ Professionals availability

 Schedules for current Certified Financial Coach™ and Master Certified Financial Coach™ professionals are booked throughout November of 2023.  If you wish to know more about the Certified Financial Coach™ CERTIFICATION program or be placed on a list for openings to scheduling, please use the CONTACT US page to contact us.    For a video regarding possible certification to become a Certified Financial Coach™,  a series of videos are being developed to inform the public regarding the new rollout of the program in the Spring of 2024  WATCH FOR AN UPDATE ON THIS PAGE!!  A QUICK START program of pre-work for certification will begin in November 2023 — feel free to request more information for a limited class of 25 trainees for that session.

Are you ready to MOVE FORWARD?

There is an old saying, “When the student is ready the coach appears”.  When it comes to your finances, have you felt like giving up – doing ONLY what is necessary to keep your head above water?  Do you avoid looking at the big picture, feeling you don’t have the time or energy  required to learn what you need to learn?

Do you feel addressing your finances will require working with someone who reinforces what you already feel is true about your financial situation?  Do you judge yourself — feeling you haven’t done enough or questioning your ability to make good financial decisions?  Isn’t it time to move forward without pain?

A real Financial Coach helps you look at money and wealth from a different perspective.  Certified Financial Coach™ professionals are skilled in helping you build personal financial power, As they help you build financial knowledge and power they act as guides; helping you navigate and become successful in areas which have the highest impact on your financial success.

If what you thought to be true about money and finance turned out NOT to be true, when would you want to find out?


We have worked with thousands of individuals who have said, “Why didn’t I know the reality of how money works — it is never what I was told, I didn’t learn it in school”.

History is history.  We help you move on.  Our mission is to help you transform your relationship with money so you can experience a different sense of well being.  We use tools and systems that provide you financial information you need while in a coaching environment supporting your progress.

Of critical importance, we help you see money with “new eyes”, decreasing the stress a majority of people experience regarding their finances and financial situation.

We concentrate on working with people as coaches when people are ready to make positive changes in their financial life.  If you are too scared, embarrassed at where you currently stand regarding your financial situation or feel intimidated when it comes to your finances, we help you see what may be stopping you from being ready.  We concentrate on helping you develop your PERSONAL FINANCIAL POWER!

We take our training very seriouisly and have worked since 2002 to find the right mix of tranformational coaching and financial curriculum that truely makes a difference when Certified Financail Coach™ professionals  We are specially trained financial coaches and we are guides with a focus on helping you navigate and become successful in the area which which may prove to have the highest impact in your life —  your financial success.

Start with these two critical questions…   

1  What if what you have been taught or have come to believe about how money works and the role it plays in your life was something that held you back from finding financial success?


2. What it what you have been taught or have come to believe a about money and finance throughout your life turned out not to be true? 

 If that is the case, when do you want to find out?   

We invite you to experience life from a place of calm and build on strenghts you already have.   We invite you to an experience how meaningful life can be when you work with a Certified Financial Coach™ professional.

Certified Financial Coach™ Career Choices

If you work in a government or state agency, school district, hospital and for a corporation it is highly likely you benefit from a specificly designed employee sponsored retirement plan meant to help you prepare for the time you no longer need to work.  One of our specialties is helping you integrate your current benefit package in a specific plan to make the most of the benefits you are entitled to receive.

Your retirement plan options and how to manage your money can be overwhelming at times. It doesn’t have to be that way and Certified Financial Coach™ professionals with designations in specific plans are dedicated to helping empower you.

Be confidnece in your ability to choose – Learn about programs available which studies have shown increase returns and lower risk. But upmost, gain new insights and rest assured you are growing and learning how to control your own successful financial destiny.

Finding Financial Peace of Mind

Why this is important is obvious. When you view money with fear or anxiety, you make decisions based on emotion, not on reality of what money can do for you and your family.

It is time to look up and see a broader picture. It is time to use money as the utility it is meant to be. Working with a Certified Financial Coach™ professional is not only about the green stuff, it is a way to transform your relationship with money — moving away from the fear that brings anxiety to over 85% of Americans, and into a place of control, confidence and the freedome to make decisions from a place of empowerment.

We currently don’t advertise our services. We have been building our systems and finalizing a way to bridge coaching skills with expert financial tools and services.  We have honed our skills and are proud of the success our clients experience.   In 2023 we determined it is time to expand our reach so watch to learn more about our programs and services as more professionals finalize their credentialing