Is being a Certified Financial Coach™ right for you? Individuals ready for a new career course find this training life changing. Interested in Continuing Education Credits that gives you an edge with your current clients? Learn Certified Financial Coach™ skills which provide you with a new level of professionalism and a higher level of success.

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Learn Financial Coaching skills through our full Certified Financial Coach™ program or through CE qualified programs.

Our Financial Coach program is the only program currently accepted by the Certified Financial Coach™ Board of Governors allowing candidates to complete the Certified Financial Coach™ curriculum requirement and apply for certification as a Certified Financial Coach™.

The Certification and Licensing process administered by the CFC-Board of Governors identifies to the public those individuals who have been authorized to use the certification mark Certified Financial Coach™.



To receive this certification, candidates are trained to meet rigorous professional standards of both the CFC-Board of Governors and the International Coach Federation (ICF, the premier credentialing organizations, internationally, for credentialing coaches).

What is a Certified Financial  Coach™

A Certified Financial Coach™ helps their clients stand in financial reality, understand how money serves wealth (distinct from money defining wealth), helps clients develop and practice healthy financial actions to serve their cash flow longevity, and create a new sense of personal prosperity and well-being.The Certified Financial Coach™ is specially trained in a transformational method of coaching which helps clients see what they were unwilling to see before!

Why would a person become a Certified Financial Coach™?

A Certified Financial Coach™ helps individuals understand and relate to money in a way that makes life more meaningful.

The training and coaching skills taught in Certified Financial Coach™ training far surpass what any other financial or coaching professional certification processes teach.

Helping others develop a
heart of peace around
money starts with valuable
self coaching skills and tools
you learn to bring a new understanding of wealth to others.

The window of opportunity to become a Certified Financial Coach™ is short — a selected number of people are included in each class. Each class size is limited. The limited class size is why this certification is known as the GOLD STANDARD OF FINANCIAL COACHING

We are sorry, due to demand for this training exceeding our ability to accept new applicants, we have started a waiting list — please contact us at 303-904-3177 for more information. The apply now link is being redirected to Finer Center (Financial Educator Resource Center) who is handling the requests.

The Certified Financial Coach™ program helps you gain clarity about what is important in your life.

Learn to stand on solid financial ground through the use of tools developed specifically for the Certified Financial Coach™ and their clients.teacher dude

Our facilitators empower you to build a comprehensive plan that supports who you are and your personal vision of coaching people to become powerful in their relationship with money and wealth.

Throughout the training program, we effectively coach you to insure you consistently and continually develop the future you envision for yourself.

Certified Financial Coach™ training gives you a fresh look at your life and possibilities for creating your desired career and way of living. Our program develops your understanding of, and ability to relate to, wealth in a way that creates a more meaningful, fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle.

We provide new and inside perspectives showing how culture, monetary systems, and financial decision-makers impact you. As a result, you will have more choices in managing how you think, feel, and act in relationship to money and wealth.
The Certified Financial Coach™ Board of Governors operates as a not for profit organization with the sole duty to determine curriculum, develop standards for training, approve training facilitators and organizations and grant certification of each Certified Financial Coach™ designees.


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