Our Vision

To empower people to discover, comprehend, and use their true wealth to enhance their personal freedom

Our Mission

Using proprietary technology, tools, and training methodologies, we provide quality coach training, tools and services. The Certified Financial Coach program is dedicated to the certification of quality financial coaches who help individuals to build on their intellectual, emotional and creative strengths.

A bold history

Since the inception of the Certified Financial Coach™ credentialing program, thousands of individuals have experienced  Personal financial power and expanded their understanding of how money works!

The reason this program is highly successful is the concentration in training individuals in “transformational coaching methods” which address a person’s relationship with money AND helps individuals face their financial reality without fear.


Major Contributors

The following internationally recognized individuals have served as faculty, or adjunct faculty, and/or HAVE PROVIDED EXTENSIVE CURRICULUM DESIGN WORK TO OUR PROGRAMS.  They worked intensively with our founder, Evonne Ryan.  Their teachings have added richness to our Certified Financial Coach™ training program!


Dr. Joan King

Ph.d in Neuroscience and Psychology

Joan King, MCC, served as Certified Financial Coach™ Program Training Director until 2014 and her influence and involvement in our curriculum continues to allow us to provide the highest level of coach training.
After obtaining a multidisciplinary Ph.D. in Neurosciences and Psychology from Tulane University, Joan was engaged in basic research in neuroscience for 25 years. A Professor at Tufts University Schools of Medicine in Boston for 20 years, Joan served as Chair of the Department of Anatomy and Cellular Biology for the Schools of Medicine.
She envisioned and created a Multimedia Resource Center on the Boston campus and also developed and directed the Center of Research in Reproduction at Tufts University from 1992-1997. Joan has now been engaged in scientific studies for nearly half a century. In the course of her personal development, she began to utilize scientific principles as metaphors and tools to expand consciousness. Joan articulates her philosophy in scientific metaphors in her book Cellular Wisdom, published in 2004 and Cellular Wisdom for Women. An Inner Work Book, published in 2008.

Having experienced the processes of self-examination, self-reflection and self-actualization, Joan designed and established a coaching service, Beyond Success TM, LLC to assist others in living on purpose and evoking their greatness. Her philosophy is that life emerges from the energy that emanates from individuals’ core beliefs and the focus of their thinking. She helps people unfold aspects of their authentic selves, unmask limiting core beliefs and recast them as actualizing principles, integrate deep understandings and claim their creativity, in a process that leads to full, authentic self-expression. Joan, a certified coach and coach trainer, helps people to simultaneously achieve success and go beyond success to self-actualization.
Joan herself on her role as a professional and personal coach, coach trainer, and a consultant and workshop leader with twenty-five years as an educator, scientist and administrator in universities and academic-based organizations. Dr. King is a certified Success Unlimited Network Coach and a Master Certified Coach, credentialed by the International Coach Federation. Her KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS included:

o Received excellence-in-teaching awards within major academic environments
o Created programs for teaching biomedical sciences to non-professionals
o Designed and established a multimedia center for professional students at Tufts University
o Developed and published two interactive learning programs for Neuroscience
o Published extensively in peer-reviewed journals
o Consultant to the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health
o Received “The Distinguished Career in Teaching Award,” 1999, Tufts University
o Speaker at national and international professional meetings

Bernard Lietaer

International Economist   

Initially serving as an adjunct professor for the Certified Financial Coach™ training program we have been proud to work with  Bernard Lietaer, international economist, co-designer of the Euro and author of the book The Future of Money. Bernard was active in the domain of money systems for a period of 25 years. While at the Central Bank in Belgium he co-designed and implemented the convergence mechanism (ECU) to the single European currency system. During that period, he also served as President of Belgium’s Electronic Payment System. His consultant experience in monetary aspects on four continents ranged from multinational corporations to developing countries. He co-founded one of the largest and most successful currency funds, becoming its general manager and currency trader. Mr. Lietaer was Professor of International Finance at the University of Louvain. Recently he taught at the Marpa Center for Business and Economics at Naropa University and was a Fellow at the Center for Sustainable Resource Development at UC Berkeley. As a recognized leading international expert in building of complementary currency and his background with world economics, Bernard brought a broad understanding of the history of money and its role in the drama it causes in the lives of many.


Lynne Twist

International SpeakeR


Lynne Twist served in an adjunct faculty capacity – her historic recordings serve as inspiration for Certified Financial Coach™ professionals in the US and Canada.  As a global activist, fundraiser, speaker, consultant and author, Lynne has dedicated her life to global initiatives that serve the best instincts in all of us. She has raised hundreds of millions of dollars and trained thousands of fundraisers to be more effective in their work. Lynne has spent more than three decades working in positions of leadership with many global initiatives including: ending world hunger, protecting the world’s rainforests, empowering indigenous peoples, improving health, economic, and political conditions for women and children, advancing the scientific understanding of human consciousness, creating a sustainable future for all life. As original staff member of The Hunger Project, an organization started in 1977 to end world hunger, Lynne served as a leader of this global initiative for 20 years. During those years she created and managed the worldwide fundraising operation. As she traveled the world learning how to work in a multitude of different cultures, Lynne developed profound wisdom about our relationship to money and the way it governs, dominates and stresses our lives. The compelling stories and insights gained from her experiences inspire Lynne’s keynotes and workshops, and are the foundation for her best selling, award winning book The Soul of Money. Lynne founded the Soul of Money Institute to express her commitment to supporting and empowering people in finding peace and sufficiency in their relationship with money and the money culture.

Vicki Manning 

Certified Financial Coach™ Dean of students,


Vicki spent over 28 years in the financial services industry. Her background including management and production with well known financial services companies including Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab & Company. While managing a Fidelity branch, she directed marketing events including seminars and public relationship campaigns.
She worked in the Institutional department of Charles Schwab & Co. providing client service to private money managers. It was in this position that Vicki realized she wanted to help people find financial success through financial planning. She passed the Certified Financial Planning certification exam in 2000.
While at Schwab, she managed both service and operations staff. She also helped clients manage their portfolios as part of the Help and Advice Department. Later Vicki worked as an independent financial consultant specializing in risk protection strategies. Vicki’s years of history working clients made her the ideal candidate to partner with founder Evonne Ryan heading the research and development team for the Certified Financial Coach™ program. She believes that her work as a Certified Financial Coach™ provides special important added value to her work as a financial planner. She coaches and educates clients to a more powerful relationship with money. They can then take the necessary actions to design and plan a financial future that will support the things most important in their lives.