Certified Financial Coach™

The Gold Standard of Financial Coaching

Whether you are looking to hire a financial coach or interested in becoming a financial coach, finding the right program is imperative if you are to develop an empowered relationship with money and wealth.

The Certified Financial Coach™ program purpose and vision is to empower people to discover, comprehend, and use their true wealth to enhance their personal freedom.

Serving Clients

Coaching Basics

A Certified Financial Coach™ helps their clients stand in financial reality, understand how money serves wealth, the value of healthy financial action and cash flow longevity, and helps clients create a new sense of personal prosperity.

There are two paths to becoming a Certified Financial Coach™.  Contact the CFC-Board of Governors to discuss which career path is right for you.


Participants learn:

  • How perceptions of money, wealth and prosperity impact both client and coach perspectives
  • The positive and negative consequences of unconscious judgments on decision-making
  • The difference between financial advising and financial coaching
  • Financial Literacy and its impact on cash flow longevity
  • Exclusive tools to assess current financial reality and determine the degree of alignment of fiscal decisions with personal values
  • High level understanding of the four types of financial professionals and the relationship their work has to extending a family’s cash flow longevity.
  • Excellence in financial coaching skills, including ICF professional coaching core competencies
  • Coaching and Financial Ethics

Training takes place both virtually and on-site in a safe, supportive, fun, and upbeat environment for learning. A coach going through the training process experiences his or her own transformation with regard to money and wealth.
The training program familiarizes the coach trainee with new ways to look at money and wealth that serve them better.

Through the Certified Financial Coach™ training, coaches develop the skills to dispel the misconceptions, clarify the roles of money and wealth, helps remove the typically ways  people sabotage financial success, and co-create with the client those actions that help the client move forward.

The coach trainee will learn to use assessment tools,  as well as financial coach distinctions, practices and processes so that their clients can improve their understanding of the role of money and wealth in their lives.  We help people identify how their strengths can be built on to transform what stops them from understandings and implementing actions to have money serve them.  They realize it is time make changes and are energized to act to live in peace regarding how money working for them.

The Certified Financial Coach™ community is a vibrant, motivated group of caring people from mixed backgrounds. There are Certified Financial Coach™ professionals whom were already coaches and trainers, financial professionals and experts, mediators, and specialists from different financial camps; all creating a diverse and helpful community around this vitally important work.

You will plug into this community during your training and will find a dedicated group of colleagues to support you as you  continue honing your skills.  We are here to provide you with support and mentoring you will find of great value as you grow in your expertise as you serve clients doing this important and fulfilling work.

Certified Financial Coach™ Board Of Governors

Licensing and Certification Authority for the Certified Financial Coach™